Thinking of a friend. Charcoal pastel crayons 2007

Oil Painting 1997 'Pierson blue eyes Kate'

Oil painting sketch from 1997, portrait of Kate Pierson from the B-52's

Top left:  Portrait from my sketchbook right after high school.
Top right: The oil painting 1997
Bottom: Kate herself signing her portrait on a T-shirt in Athens Georgia. 2015


"For you I brought a flower, I'll leave it here under an overcast sky..."

"For you, I brought a flower I'll leave it here under an overcast sky" 2012
"...Para ti
una flor he traído
te la dejaré allí
bajo un cielo nublado..."An excerpt  by Eros Ramazzotti y Amaia Montero "Esta pasando Noviembre'

About the painting:
A somber moment in time
yet when I started this painting, it had a more optimistic background of vibrant blues for the sky, it was a much larger sky.

The little girl was a reference, torn from a magazine that an elderly friend had kept, probably from the 1960's. Yet the composition changed drastically, my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. 
Instead of a happy flower garden under a majestic blue sky, I shrank the sky, looking more as a field or mountain had taken over the once vibrant blue sky...
and the little girl, her face has minimal detail, like a glimpse,  
yet her expression may be felt as she looks at the flower in her hand, her aching pink dress.
A somber moment in time, 
This portrait of a girl with a bleeding dress. Hence the flower garden around her.

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The Canadian Postcard Project

I received a postcard from a student, a response to "Roused Butterfly Blenny & his Blue Jet"
I will respond back with another postcard. Will post in approximately 3 days. #CPP2014

A Shedding Self Portrait a long time ago


Picture of a thousand words...

Unfinished painting from still life workshop 2007... Missing Cassie my cat companion of 18 years.


Henri Rousseau called it "Surprise"or ...

'Tiger in a tropical storm'  Henri Rousseau 1891  (A painting of a tiger in the jungle)
Henri Rousseau painted the 'Tiger in the tropical storm' It was of a tiger in the jungle. The tiger looked like a predator enraged amidst the raging winds...       

'The Tiger and the Jungle' Fabiola Valeska 2011 (A painting of a tropical tiger fish swimming in the jungle) 
This Tiger Fish seems quite nonchalant amidst the chaotic jungle that surrounds him.